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(NASDAQ: LNT) provides regulated energy service to approximately 1 million electric and 425,000 natural gas customers across Iowa and Wisconsin. Alliant Energy's mission is to deliver energy solutions and exceptional service customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly. Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) and Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WPL) are Alliant Energy's two public energy companies. Alliant Energy is a component of Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index and the S&P 500. For more information, visit


Media Contact

Media hotline: (608) 458-4040


AMERICAN TRANSMISSION COMPANY, LLC is headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is the country’s first multi-state, transmission-only company. ATC, with $1.3 billion in assets, owns, operates, plans, monitors, and maintains approximately 8,900 miles of transmission lines and 460 substations throughout portions of Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Illinois.

ATC has two system control centers, one at the Pewaukee corporate headquarters and one in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. The company, of more than 400 employees, also has offices in DePere, Madison, and Wausau, Wisconsin, Kingsford, Michigan, and Washington, DC.

ATC provides non-discriminatory service to all customers, supporting effective competition in energy markets without favoring any market participant. Regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for all rate terms and conditions of service, ATC is a member of the Midwest ISO regional transmission organization.

General inquiries may be directed to:
Phone: (262) 506-6700

Media Contact
Ann Spaltholz, Director of Corporate Communications
Phone: (262) 506-6933 

CITY GAS was organized on May 1, 1909 as the Antigo Gas Company and renamed the City Gas Company in 1914. The privately owned utility has approximately 4,500 customers and serves an area of over 150 square miles with 220 miles of gas mains.

Prior to 1949 City Gas Company manufactured gas from Coke. In 1950, the company switched to propane air and connected to ANR Pipeline's system in 1960.

The company employs 21 full time employees.

Media Contact
809 Fifth Avenue
P.O. Box 370
Antigo, WI 54409-0370
Phone: (715) 627-4351
FAX: (715) 623-2099 

MADISON GAS & ELECTRIC's roots in the Madison area date back more than 150 years as a community energy company. MGE generates and distributes electricity to the Madison area and purchases and distributes natural gas to seven south-central and western Wisconsin counties. MGE also has a successful green power program with two wind farms, multiple solar installations and biogas. The company has approximately 700 employees.  

MGE is the main subsidiary of MGE Energy, a public utility holding company, which is traded on NASDAQ (ticker MGEE). 

Madison Gas and Electric 
P.O. Box 1231 
Madison, WI 53701-1231 
Phone: (608) 252-7000 

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SUPERIOR WATER, LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALLETE that sells electricity, water and natural gas in Superior, Wisconsin, and in adjacent areas. Superior is just southeast of Duluth, Minnesota, across the St. Louis River.  Superior Water, Light & Power (SWL&P) sells electricity and natural gas and provides water service in northwestern Wisconsin. SWL&P has 14,000 electric customers, 12,000 natural gas customers and 10,000 water customers.


Main Office:

2915 Hill Ave.
Superior, WI 54880

Phone: (715) 394-2200

WISCONSIN PUBLIC SERVICE CORPORATION is engaged in the production, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity and in the purchase, distribution, and sale of gas in an 11,000-square-mile area in northeastern Wisconsin and part of Upper Michigan. The utility was originally incorporated as Oshkosh Gas Light Company on July 17, 1883. Its name was changed to Wisconsin Public Service Corporation on September 20, 1922. It has 2,400 employees.

Media Contact

Matt Cullen, Media Relations

Media Hotline: 800-977-2250
FAX: (920) 433-5741

WISCONSIN ENERGY CORPORATION (NYSE: WEC), based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A., is a Fortune 500 energy company serving more than 1.1 million electric customers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and more than one million natural gas customers in Wisconsin. The company’s principal utilities are We Energies (the trade name for WE Energies and Wisconsin Gas LLC) and Edison Sault Electric Company. The company’s nonutility businesses include energy development, recycling and renewable energy, and real estate development. One of the Midwest’s premier energy companies, WEC has approximately 5,600 employees, about 58,000 registered stockholders and more than $9 billion of assets. Of the 116,985,822 million shares outstanding as of Dec. 31, 2004, about 60 percent were held by institutional investors and 40 percent by individual stockholders.

In addition to its electric and natural gas customers, We Energies serves approximately 460 steam customers in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, and about 2,660 water customers in suburban Milwaukee. As of Dec. 31, 2004, Edison Sault Electric Company served approximately 23,000 electric customers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


WE Energies is a subsidiary of the WEC Energy Group.


Media Contact
Your source for fast, accurate information about We Energies and key energy issues.
Media line (414) 221-4444
Brian Manthe, Manager of Media Relations
Cathy Schulze
Amy Jahns

XCEL ENERGY provides the energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states including Wisconsin. We are a recognized industry leader in delivering renewable energy and reducing carbon and other emissions, efforts that have put us on a path to a more sustainable energy future. With the company's Wisconsin headquarters in Eau Claire, we provide lower cost renewable energy to more than 240,000 electric customers and 97,000 natural gas customers in northwest Wisconsin. 

Media Contact
Chris Ouellette 
Phone: (715) 737-2565

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